Still Savoring Last Night's Win

I'm still euphoric over the game last night. It feels so good to be done with the Ducks and looking forward to the Hawks. Now I'm beginning to wonder if the cup final may not just be Wings on Pens again...which would have to be really weird for Hossa.

In any case, I'm hoping to see more offense from Detroit's big guns in the next series. Franzen has been doing his part, and Hossa put a few in, but it would be great to see Pav get a few as well. Also, I love watching Zetterberg score and - while he has been playing amazing defense and creating all kinds of offensive chances, to wit, Cleary's game winner last night - there has been far too little of him scoring - excepting his knack for hitting an empty net to seal the deal, which is not insignificant.

In any case, since I'm talking about Hank, here is my favorite play from this year's regular season. This happened on Feb 25th against San Jose. Go to about 2.10 into the video to see Hank make the poor Sharks look a bit foolish...

UPDATE: The following from the Freep this morning...

"The Wings' depth never was more apparent than in this 4-3 heart-stopping victory, one that down to the last minute showed that while the Pittsburgh-Washington series was about which team had the best player in the NHL, the Detroit-Anaheim series was fought between the best teams in hockey, and that the better one won."


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