How do worship and mission relate?

No, I'm not tipping my hand just yet. But, my brother and his wife have recently published a short piece on the topic that is worth a read over at Relevant Magazine - "Your Worship Isn't Enough". Those of tired of the rather dry and rationalist approach taken here at DET may find their more evocative and conversational tone refreshing.


Bobby Grow said…
Little brother, or big? This looks good, I'll have to read the piece.

Do you sing and song write, Travis? I think you should write and then perform a piece on your love for Calvin, Barth, and Torrance; and have the chorus line be "Barth . . . Barth . . . Barth" --- simple, but catchy. You could entitle it: The Actualist ;-).

PS. You could publish your finished work on Youtube, that is if you aren't able to secure an 'actual' label. :-)
Little brother - one of two that I have.

I have been known to write a song from time to time, but my brother who wrote the linked piece is the composer in the family (in fact, he has a degree in it). My two brothers and I used to have something of a band, before the various demands of higher education put an end to it, but I was more vocalist and bassist than composer.

Since you already have a chorus, why don't you just finish the ditty off?

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