The Saga Continues

Many of you know that I recently completed the exams in my doctoral program. Well, the latest news is that my dissertation proposal has been accepted by the powers that be. So, now I can start actually working on the thing – and idea at once both intimidating and freeing. In any case, here are some vital stats. Don’t try to get more out of me, because you won’t succeed – you’ll have to wait for the book! ;-)

* Working Title: “The Sign of the Gospel” – Toward a Reformed and Evangelical Doctrine of Infant Baptism After Barth

* Dissertation committee: George Hunsinger (chair), Bruce McCormack, and Bryan Spinks (Yale Div School).

Wish me luck!


Anonymous said…
Sounds great. Can't wait to read it once it's done. And with that, all the best. Jason
Looks excellent. That's quite the committee.
I promise I will be at your defense. :-)
Jason - Thanks for the encouraging words.

Davey - Of course, I am a big fan of my committee. :-)

Chris - I'll hold you to that!
Jason said…
Excellent news! A fine topic for further research and exploration. Best wishes as you begin to write.
Derek said…

Congratulations! Hasn't Hunsinger done a lot of work on sacramental theology?

Best of luck!
@ Jason - Thanks!

@ Derek - Yeah, he has a book on the Eucharist as well as articles here and there.
Tyler Wittman said…
this sounds really fun! And yes, what a committee!

As a convinced Baptist, I'll be interested to see what you say. I like what Barth has to say, obviously, but there are significantly better arguments out even in the last few years, in my opinion. Best of luck!

I'd be interested in hearing where to find these "significantly better arguments" that have recently arrived. Feel free to post, or to contact me using the e-mail in the right panel.
Tyler Wittman said…
I'll try to get it to you this weekend!

Obviously, Barth's treatment is incredible. It's probably my favorite to read.

The arguments I'm referring to, while not as exhaustive, deal with things he doesn't touch on very much.
I'll look forward to hearing from you. Again, feel free to e-mail.

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