General and KBBC Blog Update

Greetings from your friendly neighborhood DET proprietor!

Things are moving quickly around these parts. I’ve been holed up in my library closet the past couple of months writing this darn dissertation, except for a few days that my wife managed to drag me out for family vacations. When I’m not dissertating, I’m editing for the 2010 Karl Barth Blog Conference. Most of the plenary posts have come in (those of you outstanding, I hope you feel enough shame to motivate you, but not enough to paralyze you) and been passed on to respondents. As responses trickle in, David and I will make some decisions as to how to group the plenary posts, and when to schedule the conference weeks. Once such decisions have been made, publicity e-mails will go out, and we can all start gearing up for some good reading and discussion.

Until then, you can expect another Center for Barth Studies review in the near future, and I’ll continue my usual (occasional) posting.

All the best going into a new semester!


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