Blog Series from N. Maddox on Calvin's Doctrine of Providence

I've highlighted Maddox's blog before, but he is currently engaged in taking a very careful look at Calvin's doctrine of providence and I wanted to call this to your attention. He has already done three posts, but watch the main page or add him to your reader to stay on top of coming installments.


Glenn said…
Thanks for the post.
In point 3 you might go even further and say exactly the same terminology can convey material differences, especially if we are using terminology to express a divine truth. God is free to use the same words to reveal his truth or to withhold it, don't you think? Human language is inadequate, but what choice do we have?
Hi Glenn,

I think you meant this for a different post, but that's OK. I think you're point is important to remember, but let's not sell short the incarnation. The incarnation establishes the ability of our theological language to refer accurately, if by no means exhaustively, to God. Now, the question of our doing so in a way that is effective witness to the Gospel falls, I think, much more under the heading of your point.

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