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…or, Something to keep you busy over the weekend…

…or, The Past Fortnight in the Theoblogosphere.

Well, let’s see here. I want to start by giving a shout-out to Timothy Butler, a theology blogger that I came across and interacted with a number of years ago. Why the shout-out? Tim is from the St. Louis area, and is – talk about the world’s smallness – an alumnus of my institution. On top of that, he’s teaching for my department as an adjunct this year (as well as starting doctoral studies – he’ll be a busy guy). All of which lead to us finally meeting in person over lunch yesterday. It’s always lots of fun to meet face to face with those I’ve met keyboard to keyboard in the theo-blogosphere.

Also, I want to highlight a recent guest-post (over at the blog, Two Friars and a Fool) by my good friend and partner in crime, David Congdon, entitled: The Evangelical Hypothesis. It is well worth your time. Here is the heart of his proposal, but you’ll need to go read the whole thing to understand what David means:
“The evangelical hypothesis, or the eternal idea of evangelicalism, is ‘mission without churches’”

Now onto the links…

  • Invitation to Cynthia Nielsen’s Dissertation Lecture, August 29th - If you are in the Dallas / Fort Worth area and want to have your mind blown, you might want to think of attending. All the best, Cynthia!
  • Is Moderation a Christian Virtue? - The Women in Theology blog has an interesting post up about how moderation functions in theological debate, and specifically the claim to represent a middle way between two extremes. I would love to see a follow up post from someone reflecting on how an un-privileging of the middle way would impact Anglican identity… (Where’s Jason when I need him…)
  • The Response of Faith (Baptismal Covenant, part 3) - Speaking of Jason, here’s the next installment of his series on the Book of Common Prayer Baptismal Covenant.
  • Rate-Your-Seminary - That’s right, you can rate your seminary on this handy-dandy website and see how it stacks up compared to others. Just to give you an idea of the sort of crowd dominating the site, Dallas Theological Seminary is currently the highest rated. Princeton folks, our beloved PTS doesn’t have any rating yet, so let’s fix that!
  • Lynn Cohick on Women in the Roman World - I worked for Lynn as her TA back when I was in undergrad, and I’m glad to see her getting some press. Be sure to head over and enjoy the posted videos. Lynn has been a friend of the blog as well, contributing to the 2009 Karl Barth Blog Conference. She recently published a book on the subject, which I read, enjoyed, and posted about.
  • Welcome to the new F&T - Ben Myers has updated his site, taking it to a new url (old one still works) and cleaning up the design. Now, if he’d only start posting seriously again. Of course, who am I to judge given the past month…
  • CruciFAIL: The Good News For Those Who Are Afraid to Fail - My good friend Chris TerryNelson posted a recent sermon.
  • Barth on the Canons of Dort - Reflections on what Barth said about Dort in his study of the Reformed confessions.
  • Speaking Up for Tenure - I'm trying to post less from the Chronicle of Higher Education when doing these collections of links, but I have to point out this piece. The standard line is that why should academics (or public school teachers) have tenure when those who work in other industries don't have it. This piece points out that this line isn't quite right - other knowledge-based professions have things similar to tenure, like partnership in law firms. I think that's certainly worth remembering.

For those without the time for serious theological study, I recommend the following:

Finally, if all that isn’t enough to keep you busy, and you already read my latest on God’s transcendence in Barth’s theology, why not revisit my series on Helmut Gollwitzer (one of Barth’s best students) and the Marxist criticism of religion?



Thanks for the very kind "plug," Travis!

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