An Epistolary Divulgence

My dear, gentle Reader,

My sincerest apologies for the radio silence, or at least significantly decreased transmission frequency, that has established itself here at DET as of late. On those emotionally and theologically cold nights when you sit alone with your internet surfing device, hoping against hope that you will discover a new DET communique, know that I am right there with you, in spirit, sharing in your pain and disappointment. The reason for this recent abatement is real, albeit rather mundane: DET's contributors are concluding their academic semester, hard at work writing papers, putting together presentations, and generally improving themselves intellectually. Fear not, faithful reading remnant, the rich vein that they are mining will soon enough be shared with you for the greater maturation of the theo-blogging community. As for your faithful proprietor, well, he can only beg your pardon in the face of his own special brand of year-end inundation. This year, that deluge includes attempting to make an 11th hour new faculty hire; ensuring that the powers that be are happy with the size of the margins, placement of page numbers, and other insignificant minutia related to my dissertation; and grading the hundreds of pages of student work that have been sneakily piling themselves up in out of the way corners of my office, waiting for the perfect time to pounce on their unsuspecting victim!

So once again I must entreat for a double portion of your sufferance. But know that an end to your weeping lies just over the horizon. For, low, doth your - doth our - deliverance stalk like a preying cat, awaiting the fulfillment of time when it will sweep down as a rushing river to carry away sorrow and replace it with joy. It is almost here, that blessed redemption, which we all call - Summer!



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