"Between the Times" - Society for Dialectical Theology Digital Colloquium

The Society for Dialectical Theology will hold a digital colloquium on Thursday, September 23rd, 2021, from 2-4pm CST on the theme: "Between the Times." 

This colloquium takes as its touchpoint Friedrich Gogarten's 1920 essay, "Between the Times," which launched the Dialectical Theology movement. 

Hanna Reichel (Princeton Theological Seminary) and Travis McMaken (Lindenwood University) will serve as facilitators / moderators for the event. 

Lauren R. E. Larkin will provide an opening contribution to socio-historically and theologically locate Gogarten and his essay.

Ted Smith and Lucila Crena, both from the Theological Education Between the Times project at Candler School of Theology, will join us to engage with Gogarten and reflect on the challenges of theological education in our present time between the times.


There will also be ample time for open discussion. 

Participants are encouraged to review Gogarten’s text and come prepared for a time of refreshment and nourishment for our shared theological existence.

All are invited to attend. However, those interested in attending should complete the sign-up form for the SDT mailing list to receive reminder emails (including the Zoom meeting information) closer to the event.


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