I haven’t done one of these posts in a while, but there are a few recent theo-blogosphere attractions that I want to draw attention to, not because I necessarily agree with sentiments connected to these attractions, but because they are of sufficient quality to be worthy of attention and engagement.

  1. Internetmonk’s Ten Questions on the Bible (plus one rant)

  2. Internetmonk’s Five Reasons + Two Resources on why he doesn’t use the term “inerrancy”

  3. Cynthia over at Per caritatem has a great series going on Peter Martyr Vermigli and Francis Turretin on the question of free will, written by special guest Michael Vendsel

  4. My friend and colleague David over at The Fire and the Rose is embroiled in an interested argument as to the significance of theology for the Christian laity

  5. Aaron G. provides us with Ten Propositions on Certainty and Theology

  6. And, of course, my philosopher friend Shane has a new web-presence that you don’t want to miss – check him out over at Scholasticus


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