*Huge Sigh of Relief

Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg celebrate. Wings win, 6-1.

So, I was a nervous wreck all day. I desperately wanted 9pm to come, and dreaded it at the same time. You can imagine my relief. Also, it was an amazing game. The score makes it seem like more of a blow-out than it was - Phoenix was in it until the end of the second (the Wings played only their 3rd and 4th lines for the last 10 minutes or so of the 3rd). I listened to the game's radio feed online, and could barely stay in my seat. If only I could have seen it on TV... Can't wait for the highlights. The last 5 minutes of the 2nd period saw the Wings kill a 5-on-3, and Stuart scored short-handed to give them a 3 goal lead going into the 3rd period. That was the game.

#13 had 2 goals.
#5 had 2 goals.
#51 had 2 assists.
#28 had 2 assists.

And last but not least...

#40 had 3 assists, and was a +3 on the night (highest of the Wings). He also got the 3rd star for the night, and ended the series with a team-high (and tied for 2nd in the league) 11 points.

Round 2 for the Wings starts on Thursday out in San Jose. Now, I'm going to bed...


Tom said…
Great game. The Wings completely owned the Yotes in ever aspect of the game. Their control of puck along the boards, deep in the zone was a thing of beauty. Bring on the Fins!
I wish I could have seen it! Going to go watch the highlights now (been in class all morning).
With the name of God, Peace be unto you

I hope my comment is not disrespectful. I am a Muslim from a Christian background. I think this is a very intelligent blog that has allot of great information in it.

To me it says allot about the state of Christianity when the only comments can be about sports and not about some of the more interesting theological issues.

Again I mean no disrespect but I do plan to come back and visit this blog from time to time.

It's very nicely done.
Many thanks for your compliments, and also for stopping by to read. If it is comments that you seek, I recommend some of my previous Barth Blog conferences to you (see the tags list on the right side-bar). Unfortunately, its hard for me to focus on fostering good theological dialog during the NHL playoffs. :-)

Again, thanks for stopping by and for your kind words.

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