Mission: Read CD 4 by July

Well, by June 26, to be exact (don't ask why its this particular date - I have my reasons).

Yes, I'm going on a reading blitz in preparation for (hopefully) beginning to draft some dissertation material later in the summer. To get myself into the right theological imagination, I will read Barth's masterpiece from beginning to end (along with the posthumously published materials). I have my doubts about whether I will finish by my self-imposed deadline, but there is always hope.

I started this project yesterday, and got to page 102 in CD 4.1. Wonder of wonders, I even disagreed with a couple of those pages! Good God, what is happening to me?

In any case, stay tuned. I'm bound to post savory tidbits from time to time, along with some other fare. Updates about the Barth Blog Conference are forthcoming as well.


Anonymous said…
a little less ambitious, I'm going for IV.3 by mid-June... good luck
Jon Coutts said…
Wow. Took me five months. Worth every minute.
Andrew Esqueda said…
Travis, good luck with that. I'll be trying to read all of CD II this summer--we'll see how it goes.
*chuckles at all the light-weights

I'll see your CD IV and raise you the rest of the dogmatics by Sept. 1! :-)
Okay, I just did the math, and there's no way I can read 100 pages of barth a day. So if I do the whole thing in a year, it's almost 25 pages a day. I think that's reasonable. :-)
Chris, you have undoubtedly noticed by now (via Facebook) that I'm doing at least 100 pages a day. :-)

I can't take your September or year challenges because, once I'm done blitzing through this, I need to start drafting dissertation chapters.

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