PTS Barth Conference in Photos: Days 1-2

So, I don't have the time or energy to do a proper conference report. Instead, here are little teaser descriptions of today's (Monday's) papers, followed by some photos.

(1) Eberhard Busch opened his lecture with comments about Franz Rosenzweig and how Barth's ex-centric and missional ecclesiology is related to Rosenzweig's criticism of "atheistic theology."

(2) Christina Busman maintained that vestiges of how mission was conceived in the Christendom era remain within Barth's Church Dogmatics 4.3.2.

(3) Nate Kerr mentioned off the cuff that his paper is aimed at maintaining the notion that "mission makes the church" against those who want to say that "eucharist makes the church." He also mentioned that Hauerwas replied to his (Kerr) earlier contentions in this direction by saying that he (Hauerwas) didn't know how his (Kerr) contention is different than simply saying that "the church is mission," and that he hoped to explain why through this lecture.

Photo #1 - Here is Matt Bruce (left), one of my colleagues here at PTS (whom you may remember from Barth Blog Conference appearances). He helped to organize this year's conference, and looks like he has things well in hand in this photo from Monday afternoon. He is joined by another of our colleagues (I promised I wouldn't post his name...)

Photo #2 - Attendees file into the conference room for the first session on Monday morning. Excitement is in the air - we are about to hear from Eberhard Busch.

Photos #3-4 - Various PTS folk. David Congdon (Fire and Rose) is prominent in the first.

Photo #5 - John Flett (left) and Mark Lindsay, both of whom will be presenting tomorrow.


Unknown said…
I hope you can post a few more reflections on the conference Travis. I wasn't able to make it.

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