George Hunsinger: Best Theological Books of the Past 25 Years

If you're looking to flesh out your to-read lists, considers George Hunsinger's thoughts on the best theological books of the past 25 years.

I just want to note that Keith Johnson's book, which I've been touting, made the runner's up list, and Hunsinger calls it "The best book on Barth in a long time."


Bobby Grow said…
Of course TF Torrance is at the top :-).

I've been wanting to read the book by Zachman, that he mentions.

And when I get the chance the Johnson book does look really good.

Thanks for sharing the list.
I was sad that I didn't make the list...and then I remembered that my book isn't done yet. :-(

Zachman is excellent.
Sandra Jayasinghe said…
Thanks for sharing this. It is most helpful.

I've been wanting Keith Johnson's book ever since it was released, and its been in my wish list hoping for the day it would be out in paperback. After reading Hunsinger's comment I dont think I could wait a day longer. Will head on to Amazon right now!
scott said…
Not that I'd want to pit one against the other, but for what it's worth, I find the new book on theology and race by Carter's colleague -- Willie James Jennings' The Christian Imagination: Theology and the Origins of Race -- far more sophisticated in terms of both theological substance and historiographical nuance.
Matthias Gockel said…
Thank you for the link, Travis (and best wishes for the competition in 2020!).

Has anyone read Kathryn Tanner's "Christ the Key"?

Does it make, if not the top five of the last 25 years, maybe the top five of 2010?
Saying Grace said…
Yes. Kathryn Tanner's Christ the Key is certainly on my list.

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