2010 KBBC – Conclusion and TOC

Well, that's the 'end' of this year's KBBC - I've run out of posts! It took a while, but it has finally happened. Of course, you're all free to continue commenting and discussing the various posts - in fact, I encourage you to do so! Its never too late to learn something new.

Thanks to everyone for making this year's KBBC the most successful ever: special thanks to David Congdon for helping me organize it; individual thanks to every author and respondent for turning in quality work that generated much good discussion; and collective thanks to all of you – readers and commentators – who came by to read and participate. The KBBC is the premier event of the theo-blogosphere, but it is not so because of anything I do. My role is rather banal – I just try and get material in one place for a specified period of time. All of you who write, comment, and read are the ones who make it great year in and year out.

As has been mentioned before, a selected and expanded version of this year’s KBBC will be published as a book. Special thanks to Wipf&Stock publishers for being willing to take a chance on a project like this, and for being willing to recognize the potential of blogs to contribute constructively to the broader theological conversation. There are costs associated with publishing things in this day and age, especially volumes of collected essays such as this, and so we would not deny you the chance to participate in easing that burden: there are two ways to donate, (1) going through Paypal by using this link or the button in the right sidebar, or (2) using the Amazon widget in the right sidebar (after a bit this widget will be moved to the KBBC index page, accessed through the “KBBC” tab at the top of the page) to surf over to Amazon and build your KBBC library, for which we will receive a kick-back. Please consider contributing, even if only $1 USD, or less.

It is my sad duty to announce it is likely that there will be no KBBC next year. After all the work of putting this year’s together, and with the last of making a book out of it looming on the horizon – not to mention the dissertation and job hunt – I simply need to take a year off. My plan is to return the year after next with a more low-key KBBC that harkens back to its roots. Who knows – I may get inspired and put a conference together at the last minute. In any case, I hope that other blog conferences will be organized in the meantime – more stuff on Bonheoffer is certainly called for, and I for one would like to see someone put something together on Moltmann or Pannenberg or Rahner or Bultmann, or even something on people like Luther, Calvin, Thomas, Augustine, the Cappadocians, etc.

In any case, watch for updates on the book’s progress and, eventually, a call for proposals for the next KBBC. Here is this year’s TOC:

Karl Barth Blog Conference (2010)

Session 1
  1. Outline and Contributor Biographies
  2. Barth and Schleiermacher, Matt Bruce (plenary), Matthias Gockel (response).
  3. Barth and Bavinck, Andrew Esqueda (plenary), Joel Esala (reponse).
  4. Barth and Bonhoeffer, Matt Puffer (plenary), Andy Rowell (response).
  5. Barth and Tillich, Derek Maris (plenary), Tripp Fuller (response).
  6. Barth and Jenson, Peter Kline (plenary), Will Barnett (response).
Session 2
  1. Outline and Contributor Biographies
  2. Barth and the Coen Brothers, Jon Coutts (plenary), Brad East (response).
  3. Barth and Kegan, Blair Bertrand (plenary), Katherine Douglass (reponse).
  4. Barth and Pauline Apocalyptic, Shannon Nicole Smythe (plenary), Andrew Guffey (response).
  5. Barth and Hauerwas, Halden Doerge (plenary), Ry Siggelkow (response).
  6. Barth and Tanner, Scott Jackson (plenary), David Congdon (response).
Session 3
  1. Outline and Contributor Biographies
  2. Barth, Milbank and Žižek on the Atonement, Paul Dafydd Jones (plenary), Adam Kotsko (response).
  3. Barth and Badiou, Michael Jimenez (plenary), Geoffrey Holsclaw (reponse).
  4. Barth and David Bentley Hart, Keith Starkenburg (plenary), Han-luen Kantzer Komline (response).
  5. Barth and Taubes, Benjamin Myers (plenary), Derek Alan Woodard-Lehman (response).


Bobby Grow said…
Thank you,

Travis and David for all the hard work that went into this conference.

And thank you to all the contributors; I learned a lot, from all of you.

Maybe there should be a Thomas F. Torrance blog conference someday too ;-).
Jon Coutts said…
Thank you David and Travis.

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