Gathering of Graduate Students of Theology in Boston / Cambridge

Some folks up at Harvard got in touch with me and asked if I would spread the word about an event they are planning. Since it looks like a good event, I figured that I would post about it here. The below is reproduced from their flyer - check it out and think about participating.


Theological Times
A Workshop Hosted by the Harvard Theology Salon and the Theology and Ethics Collaborative

Announcing the 2011 Gathering for Doctoral Students of Theology:
Boston, February 18-19, 2011

All current doctoral students of theology are invited to a workshop exploring ‘Why’s, ‘What’s, and ‘Who’s of theology and theological education.

The Harvard Theology Salon and the Theology and Ethics Collaborative will host a workshop this February in Cambridge and Boston for current doctoral students who consider themselves to do theology. This workshop will critically and self-reflexively explore “theology” as it is being practiced, taught, and creatively rethought. Our goals are three-fold: 1) to build a collaborative community of the next generation of theological scholars; 2) to discern and creatively imagine new directions for theology; 3) to better understand academic formation.

The Harvard Theology Salon formed in the Spring of 2009 as a grassroots initiative by and for doctoral students. Over the past two years, the Salon has met monthly to build community and to engage questions and issues of theological importance. The members of the Salon are excited to extend our community to doctoral students doing theology from a range of schools in the northeast through this open meeting.

What? What is theology? What is the study of theology? What are variations in how theology is understood? What are historical, social, theological or ethical roots or implications of these variations? What distinctions do differing institutions establish between theology and ethics, philosophy, religious studies, sociology, etc.?

Why? Why theology? Why study theology? Why do we study theology? What is at stake? How, if at all, does theology differ from related or other academic pursuits?

Who? Who studies theology? Who is a theologian? Whom do theologians or academicians of theology study? Who does theology, or who is affected by theology? Who is included or excluded by or in the study of theology?


Feb 18 - Feb 19, 2011
Workshop: Fri., 6p – Sat., 7p
Closing Dinner: Sat., 7p – 10p

Event Locations: Friday - Harvard Divinity School, Cambridge, MA; Saturday - The Cathedral Church of St Paul, Boston, MA.

Register online (see the flyer there, too - much prettier). Questions answered at theologysalon [at] gmail [dot] com.

Workshop Fee: $35 (including all meals Fri. and Sat.; $25 excluding Sat.’s Closing Dinner)
Financial assistance for the costs of attendance is available.
We have committed to ensuring that all who wish to attend, will attend.


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