New Center for Barth Studies Book Review

David W. Congdon reviews Edwin Chr. van Driel, Incarnation Anyway: Arguments for Supralapsarian Christology (OUP, 2008). Its a lengthy, in-depth review so be sure to check it out.


millinerd said…
Thanks for posting this, and to David for reviewing it. I am cheered by the book, but remain baffled that it doesn't mention Athanasius at all, and that in the (admittedly helpful) historical summary at the end, there's not a whiff of Orthodox theology (unless I missed it). Any idea where to go for supralapsarianism and Orthodoxy? It's an honest question more than a complaint.
I honestly have no idea...other than Athanasius! Does Bulgakov give you anything? I need to read more of him one of these days...

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