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Time for another link roundup, and there has been a lot happening. So, I’m going to break this down into a few categories…

Here at DET: Helmut Gollwitzer on Theology's Engagement with Marxist Criticism of Religion

Recent Theo-blog Fracas over JKAS

  • “Can hope be wrong? On the new universalism” – James KA Smith (JKAS) started things off with this rather ill-conceived post, picking up on the recent Rob Bell controversy. Regardless of where you stand on the whole “universalism issue,” Smith should have been much, much more careful…
  • “Ressentiment and the ‘new universalism’” - Halden over at Inhabitatio Dei was the first on the scene in responding to JKAS at some length. The reader should be aware that there is a history between these two authors, but precisely what that history is can go unstated. In any case, Halden brings the pain – (“The real problem, I believe, that the whole buzz about “the new universalism” represents — and it is particularly typified in Jamie’s post — is the refusal to engage these questions theologically. Instead it is all a matter of figuring out who the sappy liberal is, and finding a clever way to make the accusation.”) - and over 80 comments appear.
  • “On the new universalism: a response to James K. A. Smith” - Not to be left out or out done, and believing that more needed to be said, David Congdon joined the fray in his usual, “thorough” way. In addition to deconstructing JKAS’ post, Congdon chides him for not paying attention to series scholarly and theological studies of the topic, and of ignoring the important hermeneutical question. He concludes by offering 6 suggestions to those who would criticize the new universalism.

Ben Myers / Faith & Theology


And if it is at all possible that the above isn’t enough for you, be sure to check out the serials index page here at DET. There you will find the Gollwitzer series, two series on Paul Tillich, a series on Yves Congar, and much, much more.



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Thanks for all the links, Travis!

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