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So, I'm stuck in NJ while the wife and kids have flown to MO. Why, you may ask? Because the company I reserved a moving truck with a month ago was unable to provide the equipment. Suffice it to say that I may well provide a post in the future about which rental company NOT to use - that depends on whether they make it worth my while not to. Cross your fingers.

In any case, this leaves me with time to write a link round-up. Here you go, in no particular order:
Anyway, if you're looking for something to read here at DET, how about checking out one of these three older posts?



Matthew Frost said…
Yah -- as to working ahead, I have no pretense that it saves any time. But all the same, I try to do it in order to frontload my mistakes. Think of it as reconnaissance reading, into unknown territory. Reading the material well ahead of its need in class means reading it the second time with hopefully a better idea of what's going on, when the time comes. Students who aren't willing to read it twice may find themselves at a disadvantage compared to the kids who crammed in their reading the night before, who at least have fresh material to work from. Hell, the students who haven't read the text at all, at least will leave class with a lecture and/or discussion's worth in recon with which to approach the text for the first time. The problem comes when students read the text, form their opinions, and leave aside the text. As long as the opinions don't get in the way, I can still teach -- and when the students go back to the text, they may improve. It's the ones who have their opinions and are done with the text, that can't be saved.
Michelle said…
Hi Matt, I still go for discussion in this matter. We all must go back to the source then we'll have our opinions.

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