My apologies for the way in which DET has basically fallen silent. I had a nice 6 post/2 week rotation going there for a while. As an excuse for this lamentable state of affairs, I cite my family's impending move to Missouri (we'll be in transit in less than a week) and my mad dash attempt to complete a draft of my final dissertation chapter before leaving. If I pull it off (and if you follow me on Twitter, you know that I I'm hopeful at the moment based on a couple extraordinary days), I'll have a full draft, sans only silly little things like an introduction, conclusion, abstract, acknowledgments, etc. You know, the sort of stuff you can bang out over coffee the day before the defense...or not... Seriously, though, all my energy has been going into these two things (and the odd book review posting), leaving no time left over for theo-blog-ish ruminations.

To keep yourself busy in the meantime, I suggest looking at my recent post, "What is Theology?", or my less recent post on what Bultmann had to say to Barth about philosophy and theology. If that is not enough, there are always the various indices accessible through the bar at the top of the page, especially those dealing with popular posts, the Karl Barth Blog Conference (KBBC), recommended reading, or serials. There's plenty of stuff in the archives here at DET to keep you busy for quite a while - not all of it is worth your time, mind you, but enough of it is.

I'll also do my best to get an edition of "Meanwhile, back at the ranch..." out next weekend.



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