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It is my distinct pleasure to offer you, gentle reader, an update on the publication project for the 4th Karl Barth Blog Conference. If you want to donate to help cover the costs associated with this project, click the button below to do so directly (every $ helps!) or purchase a book from the KBBC reading list to do so indirectly.

Anyway, the editors now possess all but the preface, forward, and afterward - in other words, they possess all but a few window dressings. Editing has commenced with the goal of turning the MSS in to the publisher in the very near future. A preliminary table of contents now exists, and I offer it to you below to whet your appetite. Remember that this volume contains the revised, expanded, and supplemented proceedings of the 2010 Karl Barth Blog Conference, the raw proceedings of which (and the hundreds of comments documenting the conversation that those proceedings spawned) are indexed here at DET on the KBBC page (cf. the tab at the top of the page).

Karl Barth in Conversation

Preface - Myers

Foreward - McMaken

Part 1: Past Conversations

  • Chapter 1 - Wesley; John Drury (plenary) and Christian Collins Winn (response).
  • Chapter 2 - Schleiermacher; Matthew Bruce (plenary) and Matthias Gockel (response).
  • Chapter 3 - Bonhoeffer; Matthew Puffer (plenary) and Andrew Rowell (response).
  • Chapter 4 - Taubes; Benjamin Myers (plenary) and Derek Woodard-Lehman (response).

Part 2: Present Conversations

  • Chapter 5 - Jenson; Peter Kline (plenary) and William Barnett (response).
  • Chapter 6 - Hauerwas; Halden Doerge (plenary) and Ry Siggelkow (response).
  • Chapter 7 - Tanner; Scott Jackson (plenary) and David Congdon (response).
  • Chapter 8 - Hart; Keith Starkenburg (plenary) and Han-luen Kantzer Komline (response).

Part 3: Expanding Conversations

  • Chapter 9 - Milbank / Zizek; Paul D. Jones (plenary) and Sigurd Baark (response).
  • Chapter 10 - Apocalyptic; Shannon Smythe (plenary) and Andrew Guffey (response).
  • Chapter 11 - Kegan; Blair Bertrand (plenary) and Katherine Douglass (response).
  • Chapter 12 - Coen Brothers; Jon Coutts (plenary) and Brad East (response).

Afterword - Congdon

Appendix - David Guretzki ("On Conversing with Barth").



Bobby Grow said…
Look forward to this publication; exciting!

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