Upcoming Interview with DET Founder & Editor, W. Travis McMaken

Good morning, gentle readers, or good whatever-the-time-of-day-is-that-you-read-this.

I thought that I would post briefly to let you know that on Thursday October 23rd, at 10pm CST, I will be participating in an online interview with the mind behind “Karl Barth for Dummies” (twitter / facebook). KBfD has done a handful of these interviews before, most recently with Kait Dugan who curates the Center for Barth Studies at Princeton Theological Seminary (click here to read that interview).

Long-time readers may recall that David Congdon and I participated in a similar sort of thing (a reddit AMA) a couple of years ago (click here if you’re interested).

It should be a good interview. KBfD will have a set of questions for he and I to work through, and there may also be time for questions submitted “by the audience” (as it were), and I’ll certainly be dropping back around in the following days as much as I’m able to field such questions.

So mark your calendars if you’re interested, and I’ll look forward to having some of you along for the ride on Thursday night!

UPDATE! 10.30.2014

The interview was a lot of fun to do, and you can go read the transcript. Check it out!



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