2010 Karl Barth Blog Conference Draweth Nigh!

Those of you who have been waiting with baited breath (yes, all 3 of you!) do not have much longer to wait. I am pleased to report that the 4th annual, 2010 Karl Barth Blog Conference will begin a mere few days hence. Once again, the conference theme is “Karl Barth in Conversation with…”

The conference will get underway with my opening remarks on Sunday, September 26th, and the first round of the conference will then begin on Monday the 27th. I say “first round” because we have multiple weeks worth of material this year, and they will be spread out in different sets over the course of the next couple months. This first set will include essays and responses on Barth in conversation with fellow dogmaticians.

So, dust off your keyboard and rest your commenting fingers – it’s about to begin!


Derek said…
Great news! Looking forward to it, thanks to you both for your hard work!
Anonymous said…
What's the lineup?
Line-up for the first session will be revealed on Sunday.

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