DET Re-design

Greetings faithful DET readers,

Some of you may have noticed that DET underwent a re-design yesterday. All your favorite bits and pieces are still around, but some of them have moved. Aside from a general aesthetic change, the biggest change is that some of the 2010 KBBC materials that had remained on the sidebar have now been moved to the KBBC index post (accessible from the menu at the top of the page). I suspect that most people read DET through aggregators, but all this should make it easier to navigate the site if you're going back to look for something, leave a comment, etc. The last template was something that I had struggled to adapt, and I just got tired of the rough edges.

Anyway, enjoy!

- Management


Travis, I like the water theme a lot, and the simple fonts, but something is slowing the speed of scrolling a very noticeable amount (and I'm surfing on a new macbook pro!). Not sure what exactly is at fault here.
Bobby Grow said…
I like the look too, the water has a nice calming effect :-).
Bobby Grow said…
I will say though, Travis, while I like "black" themes; they can often play havoc on the vision of those trying to read the white font on the black background. This is the only reason I don't have a black theme myself; I like them (aesthetically), but, at least for me, they're hard to read.
Watcher said…
Travis, I find the blue text on water makes the text hard to read: even textured backgrounds are superior, in my view.

Perhaps check with a vision impaired person to get a better feel for the relationship between graphic design and legibility.
Hows this with the white background and black text?
much better with the black and white. still has that lag, but i can live with that. :-)
Works fine on my 5 year old Dell, Chris. ;-P
Bobby Grow said…

Much better, thanks :-).

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