Who Said It? Installment, the First.

I've seen these sorts of posts on other blogs, and I've enjoyed them, but I never tried it here at DET. Well, today I correct that oversight. Feel free to leave comments trying to guess who said the following line, and I'll post a comment revealing the mystery writer on Monday (or something like that). Unfortunately I can offer no prize except satisfaction of a well nigh impossible feat accomplished. So, without further ado, I ask you: Who said it?
"Of all accusations against Christians, the most terrible one was uttered by Nietzsche when he said that Christians had no joy."

(P.S. Some attentive RSS feed readers may have gotten a head start on this task, so don't waste any time - register your guess right now!)


Unknown said…
Sounds like C.S. Lewis to me.
Jason Goroncy said…
Alexander Schmemann.
Irina said…
C.S. Lewis? G. K. Chesterton?
AJMoyse said…
I would have to agree with Jason, it is Schmemann's from his "For the Life of the World" (Ch 2 §2). He begins that section by saying, "And yet, from its very beginning Christianity has been the proclamation of joy ... It is only as joy that the Church was victorious in the world, and it lost the world when it lost that joy, and ceased to a be a credible witness to it." (pp. 24)

I've been reading through that book the past couple of weeks ... it has been a pleasure.
Bobby Grow said…
I'll cop-out and go with Jason and Ashley :-); I'm sure they're right.
Indeed, it is Schmemann.

Did you Google it, Goroncy? ;-)

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