Upcoming Mini-Series on Calvin by Special Guest Author, Adam Neder

That’s right, folks – January seems to be turning into Guest Author Month here at DET. Earlier in the month we had a sermon for Epiphany from Nathan Hitchcock, and it is now my distinct pleasure to announce that Adam Neder has graciously consented to my publishing here a talk that he gave on Calvin back in the summer of 2009 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Calvin’s birthday. The talk focuses on Calvin's personal humanity rather than his doctrine, and provides a lively and engaging glimpse of Calvin the man.

Adam teaches theology at Whitworth University, and is a graduate of the doctoral program here at Princeton Theological Seminary. A revised version of his dissertation was published relatively recently under the title, Participation in Christ: An Entry into Barth's "Church Dogmatics," which is exactly what it sounds like - an introduction to Barth presented through the lens of what he has to say about participation. It is an especially concise, well-written (and low-priced!) book that is well worth your time. I have featured it previously here at DET.

So, in short, I'm excited to have Adam as a guest author, and I commend to you his reflections on Calvin's humanity. Here is the index:
  1. Part 1: Introduction
  2. Part 2: Calvin in Popular Imagination
  3. Part 3: Calvin's Friends, preamble
  4. Part 4: Calvin's Friendship with William Farel
  5. Part 5: Calvin's Friendship with Martin Bucer
  6. Part 6: Conclusion



Bobby Grow said…
Look forward to it!

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