Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

…or, Something to keep you busy over the weekend…

…or, The Past Fortnight in the Theoblogosphere.

  • CBS Review of Flett's Witness of God - I've talked about this book in the past, so I was thrilled to get a review of it up on the CBS website. Its a good, lengthy review so be sure to check it out. Meanwhile, if you haven't yet read this book - go buy it now!
  • The End of Ecumenism - Halden Doerge and Ry Siggelkow stir the pot a bit.
  • More Doodlings and Yet More Doodlings - Kim has been on a roll lately. Here are two of my favorites from this bunch: "Are people who pray happier and healthier than those who don’t? Only if they are not doing it right;" "What was God doing before he created the world? I suspect he was doing some forward planning and thinking about Holy Saturday."
  • On Prayer: Fourteen Theses - Ben Myers sets the short stories aside for a bit. Here is #7: "Nothing could be further from the truth than the notion of prayer as a spontaneous inner glow or an uncontrollable gush of sentiment. Prayer is discipline, order, hardship, habit, obedience: whatever it is that makes up a life, that is what prayer requires."
  • Some Holy Humour - Courtesy of David Guretzki.
  • Beyond Binaries - David Congdon responds at considerable length (13,000+ words!) to Mark Galli's review of Rob Bell's Love Wins
  • Clergy as Superheros? - Jason Ingalls reflects on ordination and "ontological change."
  • I've been thinking about... - John Drury reflects on the relationship between the individual and the community.
  • Great Search Keywords - Darren Sumner reflects upon how people find his blog, and try to answer the questions implicit in their searches.
  • Trapped - Learn from others' mistakes: calling 911 won't help you when trapped in Plato's cave. Good, ol' Xkcd.
  • BONUS: 4 Chord Song - A Youtube video from the Axis of Awesome, to which I have been addicted lately.

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