New Center for Barth Studies Book Review

Deanna Ferree Womack has reviewed John G. Flett's The Witness of God: The Trinity, Missio Dei, Karl Barth, and the Nature of Christian Community (Eerdmans, 2010), which has been a subject of discussion here at DET. Its a nice, lengthy review, so be sure to check it out.


Bobby Grow said…
Is this Flett? The picture.

He looks a lot like Paul Metzger (the Barth guy at my alma mater, Multnomah). Weird. Long lost Barth brothers ;-).
Bobby Grow said…
Here's the link to Paul:

See, weird :-).
Hey Bobby,

Yeag, that's a picture of Flett. Definitely a resemblance.
Bobby Grow said…
At least the hair ;-). And you thought this post would promote a deep Barthian reflection or something . . . sorry hehe.

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