1. I'm Outnumbered!

    You are too if you are married. Is this cause for concern? Decide for yourself, but read about it first so that you can make a (semi-) informed decision. I would simply comment, shooting from the hip, that perhaps establishing a distinction between civil union and marriage would shift the terms of this entire conversation in very interesting and helpful ways.

  2. Don't let the Bed-bugs Bite

    It seems that this is easier said than done. Hopefully, the new menace of New York won't migrate South too quickly...

  3. Susan B. Anthony

    As interesting as this article is, I probably would not have linked to it, if it were not for this quote: "Now we are Photoshopping rather than airbrushing; with enough slicing and dicing, an argument can be made for anything. The doctorate in sophistry is optional" (bold and italics are meant to show my delight!). And, let you think that I made it up, you can read it for yourself.

  4. The Universality of the Internet

    Wherein does the potential for the universality of the internet lie? I'll give you a hint: it's not blogs! Check out this common sense answer.


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