From the sanctuary of reading week – which for me is always a week of insane activity for me (my “to do” list is 14 items long and growing!) – comes what I hope will be a valuable reference resource. Earlier today I realized that it would be helpful to have at hand some simple information on important theologians. So, I thought that I would post a list of links to Wikipedia entries for a number of important theological thinkers – more for myself than anything else. This list may expand as I think of more people and find more Wikipedia entries to stick into it. Enjoy!
  1. Athanasius
  2. St. Augustine of Hippo
  3. St. Thomas Aquinas
  4. Karl Barth
  5. Emil Brunner
  6. Rudolf Bultmann
  7. Martin Bucer
  8. Heinrich Bullinger
  9. John Calvin
  10. Colin Gunton
  11. Adolf von Harnack
  12. Wilhelm Herrmann
  13. Robert Jenson
  14. Hans Kung
  15. Peter Lombard
  16. Martin Luther
  17. Philip Melanchthon
  18. Jürgen Moltmann
  19. H. Richard Neibuhr
  20. Reinhold Neibuhr
  21. Andreas Osiander
  22. Wolfhard Pannenberg
  23. Karl Rahner
  24. Albrecht Ritschl
  25. Friedrich Schleiermacher
  26. John Duns Scotus
  27. Paul Tillich
  28. T. F. Torrance
  29. Francis Turretin
  30. Peter Martyr Vermigli
  31. Huldruch Zwingli

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