Think Education is Important?

Think again! This 10 point list will use sound biblical reasoning to clear that evil notion from your head.

Punk Rock and Jesus

For all of you who have bubblegum pink hair, wear studs in various places, or otherwise identify and/or appreciate punk music, have I got a link for you! Check out Never Mind the Bibles: A Theology of Punk. It is a failed book proposal that the author was kind and determined enough to share despite the lack of enthusiasm shown by publishers.

Amazing Story

You aren't supposed to survive when on a little corporate jet that has a mid-air collision with a Boeing 737. But, then again, sometimes things don't work out exactly how they are supposed to. Read this article and prepare to be amazed.

Scared Evangelicals?

Most think evangelicals are scary; some think they are scared. For an instance of the latter hypothesis, check this article by the NYTimes. Apparently, they are afraid that their teenagers won’t be evangelicals when they grow up. Valid concern, I think. In any case, the article is an interesting read.


Regarding scared evangelicals:
"Ms. Dunford spoke late last month as she and her small church youth group were about to join more than 3,400 teenagers in a sports arena at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst for a Christian youth extravaganza and rock concert called Acquire the Fire."

I was one of those kids who attended at UMass Mullins Center. I remember having fun, and some of my friends "got saved." However, it got to the point where my own youth minister began to doubt the power of Acquire the Fire, as most of the converts began to confess later on that they had converted because it tapped into their emotions and lack of self-worth.

We stopped going to ATF. If I remember correctly, some of us stole the ATF banner late at night - a rather tasteless prank, I know.

If I remember correctly, Ron Luce always has bodyguards. What's he afraid of?

Perhaps I could do my "teaching ministry" case study on ATF. :-)

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