A 3rd Sacrament?

While it may be too soon to start making pronouncements about Protestant doctrine, the practice of foot-washing has been getting increased attention lately, partly because of some who would understand it as a sacrament. I’m not ready to set it on par with Baptism and the Lord’s Supper just yet, but it certainly deserves more attention in our churches. My friend and colleague (both from Wheaton and now from PTS and the theo-blogsphere) has a reflection about these things up currently. Check it out.

Opera – It’s cool!

What? You don’t think so? Read this article in the New York Times about the Met’s recent season opening, and think again.

Don't think you can honestly make your argument?

Try one of these 5 tricks posted over at GOTT. They are sure to at least buy you a bit of time. But, now that the word is out, they may not work as well...


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