Photos from the Barth Conference

In lieu of another substantive update today, here are some picture that I took this morning after Katherine Sonderegger's session. Time for a rousing game of "Name That Theologian!" It will be a little tricky because some of the shots are from behind or the side, etc. But, let's see what you - the collective readership of DET - can do! I'll tell you when you are right or wrong, or if no one really participates, I'll give out the answers in a week or so. Name tags may help you some if you zoom in.


Bobby Grow said…
The last picture, bottom right hand, is the infamous Ben Myers (that was a gimme'); in the first picture, I'm going to guess that the guy sitting down in the chair is George Hunsinger (that is a real leap of a guess, since I've only seen him in a picture on the jacket of one of his books). The rest of the guys, I haven't a clue.

You are right on both counts! Anyone want to take a crack at the others?
Anonymous said…
Middle photo is Daniel Migliore and John Drury, I believe. Bottom photo is Cliff Anderson with Ben Myers.
Correct! That about does it except for the two fellows with Hunsinger. But, I don't know their names, so I am a poor judge. Perhaps someone can enlighten us.
Bobby Grow said…
Oh, did I win a book or anything . . . for guessing correctly ;-)? Ben Myers is always giving away books :-).
I wish I had that kind of pull with publishers, Bobby!

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