Quick Update

So, its been an interesting few weeks.
  • My Wings lost, and I had a very pleasant discussion about it with Derek.

  • I finished the first 2 of 4 qualifying exams for my department. Two more in October, then an oral, then hello dissertation proposal!

  • After finishing those two exams, I've been taking care of my son full-time. Anyone who has done such a thing knows that it is simultaneously immensely enjoyable, rewarding, and tiring.

  • Along the way, I've been doing what little I can to help get things ready for the upcoming Barth Conference here at Princeton Theological Seminary. It starts on Sunday. Maybe I'll see a few of you there...maybe...

  • I've got a huge back-log of book reviews to write for various publications, and along the way I hope to post some interesting tid-bits here. So...stay tuned for that.

  • If I ever get my feet under me this summer, I hope to write the next batch of posts on Reading Scripture with John Calvin, with help from my good friend and occasional DET contributor, Jason Ingalls.

  • Finally, and very importantly, this year's Barth Blog conference is still in the works. Stay tuned to hear what to expect and to learn of opportunities to be involved.
Wish me luck!


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