Summer is Here

Spring semester 2009 was a hard one for me. I took my last required seminar (on Paul Tillich, hence the recent series) as well as my first two qualifying examinations (one in ethics and one in history of doctrine). On top of that, I served as preceptor for the intro to theology course. As if this demanding schedule wasn’t enough, I ended up needing to spend my afternoons at home taking care of my son (which I loved, though it took a lot of time away from work) and – even worse – I spent about half the semester under the weather with one illness after another.

But, all that is over. Summer is here. I get to spend a couple weeks at home with my son, tinkering away on various projects and – most importantly – watching the Red Wings try to win another Stanley Cup. So far, so good! For my money, as long as the Pens have Crosby running away from Zetterberg - trying to get ice-time away from good ol' #40 - it is an implicit concession concerning who is the better player. But, enough about hockey...for now...except to say that the Pens better hope that Datsyuk doesn't finally get healthy.

Hopefully I’ll generate some more material to post, as well as post an update about how the 2009 Barth Blog conference is coming along. So, stay tuned.


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