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So, as you might have gotten a sense of from my last post, it has been busy around DET headquarters. Things are continuing apace. Here are some things you might want to note and look forward to:
  • On Friday I added three new bits of content to the Center for Barth Studies Website:

    1. A review of Mangina’s Karl Barth: Theologian of Christian Witness by Jason Ingalls.
    2. A conference report on the 2007 PTS Barth Conference.
    3. A conference report on the 2008 PTS Barth Conference

  • The 2009 PTS Barth Conference is starting tomorrow. The schedule is available online, although there have been some minor changes. I’m planning to blog some bits and pieces of it, so stay tuned for that.

  • One tidbit from the upcoming conference that may interest some of you is that I will be introducing illustrious theo-blogger Ben Myers. I’ll be sure to post my introduction once I’ve had a chance to do it live. Ben, if you’re reading this and didn’t know this yet, surprise! :-)

  • Also, shortly after the conference you can expect an update on DET’s own Barth Blog Conference. So, stay tuned for that!

Lot’s going on - keep an eye on your DET RSS feed!


Darren said…
Looking forward to the conference, Travis! I'll be seeing you there, and hopefully blogging a bit of it.
Ben Myers said…
Cool, I'll be glad to be introduced by you! And I'm sure the sight of your friendly face will help to ease the terrors of having to speak before such a learned audience...

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