Gollwitzer Intermission and Background Reading: Guardian Series on Karl Marx

Those of you who have been following my series on Helmut Gollwitzer's engagement with Marxist criticism of religion, may be happy to learn that I won't be posting over the weekend. That gives you some time to catch up on the four parts (one, two, three, four) of the eight-part series already posted.

You might also be interested in learning about a series that Peter Thompson at "The Guardian" is doing on Karl Marx. I haven't worked through it all yet, and there may be more installments coming (in which case, I'll try to update this post), but it's certainly all very interesting. Here are links to the different parts, with titles so you have an idea of what you're getting into:
  1. Religion, the wrong answer to the right question
  2. How Marxism came to dominate socialist thinking
  3. Men make their own history
  4. 'Workers of the world, unite!'
  5. The problem of power



Unknown said…
glad you are finding it interesting. I intend to return to the theological in the last of the 8 columns, when I will be looking at Bloch and may even take in some Gollwitzer

Thanks for stopping by. I'll be looking forward to your ultimate theological turn.

The bulk of Gollwitzer's little volume from which I am working is concerned with a high-level intellectual engagement with Marxism and its literature. You might enough this more than the bit I'm dealing with - where Gollwitzer discusses the pay-off of this engagement for theology. You might also find enlightening Gollwitzer's theses on Christian socialism ("Why I Am A Christian Socialist"), although you may well be familiar with that already.
"might enough" = "might enjoy"

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